MIAG Emergency Diag.

After seven years of research and development, the MIAG product by Magnisense is about to reach the market, adressing unmet medical needs for cardio-vascular emergencies.

The MIAG cardio-vascular "Emergency Diag" consists of a mobile device and consumables that can be used by medical practitioners to diagnose cardio-vascular events in emergency situations, by measuring cardiac bio-markers in patients' blood, from any location.


The MIAG cardiovascular “Emergency Diag” will revolutionize cardiac emergency management because MIAtek® tests can be performed:

  • On the spot
  • Directly using whole blood
  • In 15 minutes or less


The MIAG reader is:

  • Robust and user-friendly
  • Quantitative, sensitive with reliable measurement of markers
  • Light and portable
  • Battery operated for full autonomy
  • Not requiring calibration
  • Competitively priced  

The product is protected by a “picket fence” of 20° worldwide patents on the reader, consumables and the signal processing software.


Key Opinion Leaders have already endorsed the MIAtek® Emergency Diag and are collaborating on its development and implementation at hospital.