MIAtek® technology

MIAtek® technology

MIAtek® is a real breakthrough technology with a strong patent protection and a well formalized know-how (ISO13485) allowing counterfeiting to be easily demonstrated. Patents are delivered in Europe and in United States.

MIAtek® is a “Elisa killer” technology. It allows to quantify a low concentration of protein, peptidic, micro-organismes antigens in a complex biological samples such as whole blood, in several minutes, with a robust, portable, easy to use and economic instrument.


MIAtek® tests are based on the use of magnetic nanoparticles. The biological reaction is made on a consumable; The concentration of the quantified antigen is determined by using a reader, after putting the consumable in the reader head of the instrument.


The technological breakthrough relies on the unique utilization of the magnetic signature of beads. The consumable is placed in a multi-coil reading head reader, which detects and counts the number of super-paramagnetic particles specifically bound to the selected marker on the MIAstrip® line test. Super-paramagnetic beads are simultaneously excited by two oscillating currents with different frequencies. MIAtek® measures only the non-linear impact of super-paramagnetic particles on the excitation magnetic field. The non-linearity of super-paramagnetic materials causes an intermodulation between both frequencies and generates new spectral components in the spectrum of the measured voltage. These peaks are proportional to the volume of the super-paramagnetic particles used as labels.

MIAtek® technology
MIAtek® technology

MIAplex® technology is also a breakthrough technology with a strong patent protection, which allows to quantify a panel of different markers from a single biological sample with one test and one consumable. The MIAplex® technology is an evolution of the MIAtek® technology for multi-parametric detection.

MIAplex® is a multi-parametric method which utilizes the magnetic signatures of magnetic particle labels. The system incorporates the use of a set of magnetic beads which differ according to their magnetic properties. Specific antibodies (or DNA probes) are coupled with a unique magnetic bead which can be identified by its characteristic magnetic signature.


MIAtek® technology

With a single reading head, each unique magnetic bead can be identified within the same lateral flow test line. The reader is able to discriminate each magnetic signature and no spatial resolution is required to identify and quantify multiple targets in one test.

Sophisticated data processing software allows the combined signal to discriminate and quantify each unique magnetic bead signature, and consequently the amount of each analyte in the sample.

A large variety of magnetic materials and compositions are candidates for multi-parametric magnetic immunoassays.

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