Need for Emergency Diag.

Need of emergency Diag.

The lack of robust, rapid and quantitative portable diagnostics leads to mortality and patient' disabilities and generates various costs for insurers and health care providers. As a result, physicians and healthcare providers are in dire need of efficient cost and time saving diagnostics tools.

Cardiac emergencies urgently need be diagnosed in a question of minutes, using a robust, portable, decentralized and economic method. Initiating the patient's therapeutic management as soon as possible helps, save lives, limit patient disabilities and decrease public health costs. Each minute is crucial. Rapid and decentralized diagnostic tests are also used to swiftly identify the real emergencies, which contribute to reducing the time spent in emergency rooms.

Today, a suspected heart attack is in an emergency situation. An electrocardiogram is first performed followed by tests to measure the concentration of cardiac makers in the patient's blood using powerful machines in central hospital labs. It takes several hours from symptom onset to diagnostic (around 4 hours in Paris). It takes considerably longer if a patient is located far from a hospital or a centralized medical facility.


Magnisense product promotes equal treatment for all patients, regardless of their location as tests can be performed on the spot.