Scientific publications

02 juillet 2018

Analytical and clinical performance of MiAG®|bnp system, a new quantitative measurement of whole blood BNP using Magnetic ImmunoAssay MA

E Gayat, A Cohen-Solal, A Mebazaa – under submission

20 juin 2018

Insuffisance cardiaque : l’intérêt d’un diagnostic mobile et délocalisé avec MiAG®

C Richard, K Bardonnet, S Morel, S Besème
7ème symposium Biologie d’Urgence, Antibes 20-23 juin 2018

17 septembre 2014

Magnetic metrology for iron oxide nanoparticule sclaed-up synthesis

Milosevic I, Motte L et al., RSC advances vol. 4, september 17, 2014

12 septembre 2013

Magnetic immunoassay for detection of staphylococcal toxins in complex media

Orlov. et al., Analytical Chemistry, vol 85, 2013

05 décembre 2012

Size-dependent nonlinear weak-filed magnetic behavior of maghemite nanoparticles

De Montferrand C., et al., Small 2012

13 septembre 2012

Non-linear magnetic behaviro around zero filed of an assembly of super-paramagnetic nanoparticles

De Montferrand C. et al., Analyst, vol 137, 2012

08 juillet 2011

Microwave assisted nanoparticle surface functionalization

Benyettou F et al., Nanotechnology, vol. 22, 2011

18 février 2011

Ferrofluides – nanoparticules super-paramagnétiques

Motte L. et al., 2011

02 juillet 2010

Multimodal super-paramagnetic nano-platform for clinical applications: immunoassays, imaging and therapy

Motte L., Faraday discussion, vol. 149, issue 17, July 2010

17 juin 2010

Different signatures between chemically and biologically synthetized nanoparticles in a magnetic sensor: a new technology for multi parametric detection

Alphandery E. et al., Sensors and actuators, vol 147, issue 2, June 2010

07 avril 2010

Non–invasive in vivo matting and long-term monitoring of magnetic nanoparticles in different organs of animals

Nikitin MP. Et al., American Institute of Physics Conference Proceedings, 1311, 2010

15 mai 2009

Characterization of magnetic labels for bioassays

Lalatonne Y et al., Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, vol 321, issue 10, May 2009

12 mai 2009

Highly sensitive room-temperature method of non-invasive in vivo detection of magnetic nanoparticles

Nikitin MP et al., Journal of magnetism and Magnetic materials, vol 321, issue 10, May 2009

07 mai 2009

Multi-parametric magnetic immunoassays utilizing non-linear signatures of magnetic labels

Lenglet L., Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, vol. 321, issue 10, May 2009

08 octobre 2008

Quantitative real-time in vivo detection of magnetic nanoparticles by their non linear magnetization

Nikitin PJ et al., Journal of Applied Physics, vol 103, issue 7, 2008

06 août 2008

Magnetic immunoassays: A new paradigm in POC

Lenglet L. et al., IVD technology, August 2008

03 avril 2007

New type of biosensor based on magnetic nanoparticle detection

Nikitin PJ et al., Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, vol. 311, issue 1, April 2007

15 mars 2007

Magnetic immunoassays

Nikitin PJ et al., Sensor letters, vol 5, number 1, March 2007